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Click on the red titles for free downloads of these new Facilitator Guides. The Faciliator Guides are for use with the corresponding books on their covers. The books are available at crustore.org in printed form (we recommend this format) or as ebooks at Amazon or Google Play Books.


Living a Life of Significance presents a life lived in dependence on Christ, as it is relevant for women, and helps them to know how to walk every day in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Can YOU Know God Personally? is a booklet designed specifically for men to learn how they can begin a relationship with God.

Beginning Your Journey of Significance Booklet is a booklet designed specifically for women.  It presents the concept that living a life of significance begins with having a personal relationship with Christ.

Living Empowered by God helps you go from being stuck in your Christian life to experiencing the power of God on a moment by moment basis.

My Story Booklet

This new mini-book, with its captivating introduction and creative design, can be a life-changing resource to help non-Christians come to know God in a personal way. The mini-book also presents a story, and that story can be yours.

Create your own booklet with your story inserted at http://mystorybooklet.com


Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a window to the soul. Because images connect deeply with our emotions, they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life and God. With Soularium you’ll discover just how easy and enjoyable it is to come alongside someone on their journey. (To be used with Quest and Soaring)

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Pearl Poster - The Significant Woman
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Are you a leader interested in helping others to facilitate one of our life-coaching resources?  This Preview can be an inspiration and motivation to join a group, lead a group. This is also a good first step for leaders in a church, ministry or workplace setting to see if they want to begin a network of small Life-Coaching Groups to help meet their missional objectives.