Quest is specifically designed for men and is conducted in a small group life-coaching environment. The course helps facilitate your personal growth and transformation in every aspect of life—personal, vocational, spiritual and directional. Participants can expect to:

  • Discover the different aspects of your uniqueness and your unique life story
  • Identify your life passions and the causes you feel strongly about
  • Identify who God made you to be and how to live out your mission in connection with Him.
  • Identify your life direction and how to live it out
  • Acquire life skills of setting priorities, boundaries and making wise decisions with respect to your life direction

You are a man created to express the image of your Creator in a way that no one else can.

A personal relationship with God is the foundation for living a life of purpose, significance and impact. Only when you secure your life on the foundation of God as your Source are you able to experience His power and grow in your relationship with Him.

The goal is not a balanced life. The goal is a life focused on God’s priorities, which will lower the stress in your life and help you live your mission.

Quest Groups

Purpose: Life-Coaching Groups provide a supportive environment where we can connect with other men who are on the same journey with us.

Group Size: Ideally, Quest groups have six to eight members. But we’ve seen groups of all sizes have great success!

Time Frame: The course is designed to be an eight to ten week study, with weekly two-hour meetings. Doesn’t work for you? No problem—the material is flexible and can be taught in a weekend conference or a more relaxed, long-term environment.

Meeting Structure: When you arrive, you can expect a get-to-know-you time, some small talk, and (hopefully) snacks. You’ll then move into that week’s session, which involves group discussion, activities, reading, and peer coaching.

Meeting Location: Back porches, churches, office break rooms, coffee shops, living rooms, kitchen tables, student unions, or whatever works for you.

Participating: You’ve got the easy job. Participants show up to each session, engage with the group, and meet with their peer coach during the week to take advantage of personal development opportunities.

Facilitating: We’re so glad you’re interested in building into the lives of others! The easy to use facilitator's guide, step by step instructions, and additional materials we provide take the guess-work out of leading.